Voluntários para a Zâmbia, Índia, Moçambique

Introdução deste Projecto Humana people to people em cooperação com o Movimento Drh. Se clicarem no título do Post ficarão a par em português de como seguir este caminho. The DRH Movement consits of different schools training Development Instructors (international volunteers) for HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE projects in Africa. Since the very foundation of Humana People to People, the Development Instructor Programme has played an important role in the development of the movement. More than 6,000 Development Instructors have implemented the work since 1980. The Development Instructor is a person who believes in the fact that individuals can make a difference - if they join hands in their endeavor to fulfill their dreams. The world needs dreamers, and especially those who will carry out their dreams and make them come true. As the world develops and mankind is able to go into the far corners of space to search for extraterrestrial life, our dreams of making the Earth a prosperous and wonderful heaven for all of its creatures could very well be a goal within reach. However, this is not the general course of how the world is actually developing. Looking at the world today, we find the gap between rich and poor widening, hundreds of millions of people are still living under unworthy and inhuman conditions, human rights are being roughly neglected and people are being exposed to suppression and barbarian acts by other human beings. The only way to change this course, is that all those who dream of a better world and who are ready to put themselves into making their dream come true unite and take action. And that is, to take action within an organized effort, because standing alone you might only be able to hit accidental holes in the air and without effect, whereas acting united and with a common goal can have an effect. Every achievement counts, because it sets the example to others to do the same. And through the collective effort we can make a change - and thereby change the course of humankind. The Development Instructor is typically a young and grown up person living in a country belonging to the developed part of the world who wants to make his contribution to make the world a better place for all its human beings. His most important qualification is his will to place himself shoulder by shoulder with the people in the poorest parts of the world concentrating all his efforts to carry out actions that improve the situation where it is most needed. He embodies through his own person the significance of "People to People".


DRH disse…
A DRH Norway agradece a divulgação.
DRH Norway
innername disse…
Não tem de quê. Trabalho de mérito o vosso e o de todo o voluntariado.
Cumprimentos devolvidos, DRH

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