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While you digest a lambchop.. Ou ent�o, n�o mistures e fica sem a costeleta. Fica com o homem. Escuta-o. �s vezes ouvir a opini�o de outros homens pode fazer a diferen�a. Stuck here. Listen.When things blink just rightLike they're blinking here tonightFrom the corner of my eyeThey came, to beTell your trouble toSomeone stuck here just like youSucking in the smokeLike it's going out of styleAnd i'll listen,To what you have to sayYou said it any way to meAnd you'll listenSomething special is at workIt's really not a chore to meSo put me in a bagOr bury me in ragsThe lady upstairs,She made, me strongCan't make it to the barCan't make it to the bathCaught and confusedYou give it up for thisCause, i'll listenTo what you have to sayYou said it anyway, though you're not, too sureI'll listenBecause it means that much to youYou're everything i do, or seeThey may not work it out [ Listen Lyrics on ]


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